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The urban and natural landscape
Painting~drawing~sculpture and printmaking

Philip Juttelstad Fine Art

My work has been influenced by prior training in architecture and related disciplines.  My design aesthetic is strongly influenced by the environment of the Pacific Northwest- the skies; the land and the water as well as the regional artists of the Pacific Northwest that have influenced this style.  I watch for the hand of man on the face of nature and try and depict the shapes, planes and spatial relations of the built environment within the atmosphere and structure of this region.  My work is primarily the painting of the natural and urban landscape but even my sculpture has a reflectivity of my training in the understanding of materials, methods and structure.     

Forms and Structures; Lines and Shapes....these are the elements that interest me and are depicted in my work. Whether abstract or contemporarily realistic, this dynamic between the built and natural environment is explored and rendered in my work.  Come, visit and enjoy ………….

In hac habitasse